Curb Appeal Landscaping (CALandscaping) is a licensed, San Jose based, landscape contractor, servicing the bay area. We provide full-service landscape solutions from design to installation. Whether you need installation or renovation of a residential or commercial landscape, and you want custom hardscape, softscape, driveways, walkways and more -- we've got you covered. 

Our Specialty is Helping You Renovate and Reimagine Your Yard(s).

Here's what we do best:

  • We assess your lifestyle needs and integrate the beauty, functionality, and ease of maintenance, tailored to you and your family.  
  • We are able to help realize those special features you’ve always wanted like a waterfall, walkway, patio or pergola… and create a plan on how to integrate that into your yard
  • We take your budget constraints seriously. That's why we design your landscapes within your budget while making it look like a million bucks. 
  • We also address the unique aspects of your landscape (drainage issues, erosion, or varying levels In your yard) throughout the process. 
  • We help homeowners that have unusable and unattractive yards transform them into gorgeous outdoor spaces

three step PROCESS

1.) MEETING -- A Curb Appeal landscape designer will meet with you and assess your personal needs, the landscape you wish to be renovated and listen to your landscape design ideas and budget requirements. 

2.) MEETING -- Your CAL Landscape designer presents your individual project proposal, formal budget estimate, and installation logistics.

3.) GET TO WORK -- We set to work turning your yards into beautiful landscapes that will leave your future guests in awe.